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KDKS is promoting doping-free sport, which is both in pursuit of the idealistic “spirit of sport” as proposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and additionally imposed on us as an IPF affiliate. We want to protect our clean athletes and offer them a fair competition.

With two competitions upcoming, we would like to remind our athletes of a few important points:

- KDKS will be conducting drug testing in collaboration with Antidoping Switzerland. Be aware that drug testing will be unannounced and can take place both in and out of competition. To avoid concealment, neither members of the KDKS executive meeting nor club presidents or the organisers of the competitions will be informed about time, location and selected athletes for drug testing.

- The athlete is responsible for any banned substance they take, attempt to take, or is found in their system, regardless if they had any intention to cheat (deliberate) or not (by mistake).

- Not only testing positive, but also evading or refusing a doping control after being notified is an anti-doping rule violation. Please refer to the antidoping regulations of KDKS (available in German, French and Italian) for more details.

- If you need to take any medication which is on the prohibited list, you are encouraged to have your medical documentation ready and announce the use when you are required to take a doping test. If you are planning to participate in an international competition, KDKS will need to inform the IPF about your therapeutic use in advance. Please reach out to Anna Henzi (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.).  Your medical information will be kept confidential and will be solely shared with the responsible authority for the respective competition.


Antidoping Rules German


Antidoping Rules French


The prohibited list can be found on https://www.antidoping.ch/en/laws/prohibited-list. and is updated every year.

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